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by nazmc


i just wanna give a quick apology! I was absent from this thing for such a long time without even saying anything about a hiatus.

i just want to let you all know im going to try and keep with it! im working on pages now. I'm not sure when exactly i'll be etting them up, but they will come eventually.
i've noticed a couple of hits coming in, of people looking for updates, maybe? I just wanna say thank you to those people, who apparently are eager for an update.

thank you all so much. knowing there are people who like what i do gives me the strength to keep going.

by nazmc

Tumblr for Drop it Doe Eyes

Drop it Doe Eyes has its own tumblr!
 you can look at it here http://drop-it-doeeyes.tumblr.com/

by nazmc

13 subscribers!

I'm really excited, I didn't expect to get even to that number, to be honest!
I'm really happy that people are liking the comic so far. Thanks everyone for reading, and for your kind words. It means a lot to me!


by nazmc


Thank you everyone who has been reading so far!

I have three pages queued for this coming saturday. I only have 2 subscribers here, the rest of the people who read come from tumblr i think.. But I'm really happy that even strangers like my stuff haha

If you would like, you can  keep an eye on my tumblr blog here, just be warned i can have a dirty mouth and it gets kind of NSFW time to time.

Thanks again to everyone who's been reading, I hope you stick with me c: